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Social media can be VERY overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you post? How do you grow your audience? I am here to help.
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Why work with me?


I have gained over 150,000 followers & more than 2.2 million views across all my social media accounts.


I have consulted and managed social media accounts for various Churches, small businesses, and nonprofits.


I know the ins and outs of each social media platform. I understand how to create content that will reach your audience.

What Others Have To Say

"Karis is great! She’s helped us with all things social media! She’s flexible and professional, kind and fun. Karis has taken our mission and vision and helped us bring it to our social media platforms. It’s such a weight lifted with Karis on our team helping to manage our church’s social media presence.  She has a heart for spreading God’s love as a ministry through these platforms, and we’re grateful to have her on our team!"
Anissa & Brandon P. 
Beyond Church 
"Karis has been a great addition to our marketing team, helping us extend our social media presence. She has an eye for beauty, listens well, and does a wonderful job executing objectives and goals in a timely and professional manner. It helps that she is a joy to work with!" 
Jeff & Terra Mattson
Owners of LIving Wholehearted and Courageous Girls 
“Karis has helped us to cast wide virtual nets to reach out to more people in more areas than ever before. Her training is simple, relational, methodical, and strategic. It’s easy and simple enough for even technologically challenged and busy people like me. Karis will help you to leverage social media to engage, encourage, and enlarge your audience more than ever before! She and I have grown to understand social media as a valuable ministry and we pray you will as well!” 
Rusty Richards
Lead Pastor

How To Get Started


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I will explain my process, and together we can figure out how I can best assist you. 

Make A Difference

Together let’s make a difference in the world by providing positive, encouraging, and life-changing content. 
Aim high, see big, judge widely

Why I Do What I Do

Do you ever find yourself feeling discouraged by the things you see on social media? I do.

That’s why I decided to use those same platforms to share positive messages on social media.

In just 2 years I’ve gained over 130,000 TikTok followers, 6,100+ YouTube subscribers, and more than 4,000 Instagram & Pinterest followers. 

As a result of my growth, I was able to launch my business, Karis Hortin Coaching, where I coach the teen girls that are already consuming my content on social media.   

I saw the difference that can be made through the power of social media, so I decided to help other small businesses, churches, and nonprofits use these tools to share their message. 

However, social media can be very overwhelming. That’s why I’ve dedicated much of my time learning and understanding the different social platforms so you don’t have to. 

Let’s work together to make a difference. 

A Few Of Our Clients 

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